Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 5

Today back on the TranzAlpine to Christchurch  a 1.45pm, so have some time for lunch in a local Cafe,  actually tried two as the first one had no burgers, so just had a coffee, and fish chips.  Was recommended by a parking warden who told me footpath not for bikes,  man,  it's hailing and I can hardly walk,   was said to be owned by a political from way back? Next Cafe,  Maggie kitchen,  big burgers (see post on burger explorer)

The train is slightly delayed,  it's cold,  wet and windy.

Usually I help the bag handlers to load my bike on  so I know it's on,  they said  just leave it that and we will put it on later.

So I hop on the  train an watched them  load the bags first,  the bag trolleys seem to obscure the bike. After all the trolleys are empty I cannot see the bike, as the trolley is in the way,  then as the train started moving,  I saw my bike still on the dock between the trolleys? Wth?  I jump up a and pushed the emergency stop button. And told them my bike is still there?  There was actually two bikes to load?  Not sure what they doing.
They finally load it  on and then the stewardess spent 10 minutes trying to unlock the emergency stop.
A big round of cheers when she does,  I somewhat partially to blame?

A quick stop at Arthur pass, couple days ago, it was sunny and warm. Today,  it is snowing.

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