Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 1

Got up at 5.15am, all prepared.... Sunglasses broke. Bugger.  Forgot water bottle... It's ok,  I have a spare.

 The train is actually comfortable, much like business class seats,  I had a Isle sear and the guy on the window sear  could move out with our me having to get up all the time. 
It's a different carriage from the the last time I went, very quiet,  smooth,  a little bit of swaying but not too much to get sea sick, but enough to rock you to sleep,  I kinda slept most of the way. 
Think I may have drooled at one stage. 

There were no long stop at the National park like last time, only a5min stop to pick up, drop off passengers on the way. 

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