Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 2

Got up early again to catch the interislander ferry,
Wellington roads is like amaze,  one way trafiic and angle roads,

While cycling down a street,  I hit a few bumps,  my phone on its holder bounced out onto the road... I moved over but there was a tram behind me,
I watched helplessly as the team pass over my phone,  hoping it will miss it.
These Samsung phones has removable battery, so when they get drop,  usually the battery fall out and cover comes off.
I went to retrieve the phone,  Battery, cover and case... Expecting the worse,  with a big tire track on half the phone.
Putting it all back together, it seems OK,  apart from some big scratches on its back.
 The case was destroyed however.

So I finally made it to the ferry terminal after going thru some sort of roundabout overpass built for cyclist and peds.  Yes there appears to be many cyclist in Wellington.
Leading the bike on the ferry I realise how big it is,  they were loading several truck trailer units.

Arrived,  Pistol at 11.45.
Lovely harbour scene. 
Lovely little town.  

Hop onto the Coastal Pacific,  not as full and I have two seats for myself.

Again,  I sleep half way,  some nice mountains and coastal scenes. 

Arrive Christchurch after 6.00.
Quite a sad town, with the earthquake.. 

There appears to be more cycle friendly here, Christchurch being more flat and all. 

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