Monday, September 29, 2014

Exploring the Burgers

New Zealand has some sort of obsession with fish and chips, burgers and takeaways.

On this Trip, I will attemp as many burger place as I can.

Wellington first stop

Well, I will stay away from main stream places like McDonald or burger fuel,  as we already know what they like. 

Here is a funky place called Ekim. Like about 4 people working in a small caravan... It is small. For a Monday night, it was busy, located at the end of Cuba Street,  I had to walk pass all the other temping food places. 

I had the tremor burger and some fries,  it came to a whopping $14. 
They added some sauce, thick and chunky sauce to the rough cut chips. Slightly spiced seasoning,  but too salty for my liking. 

Burger was a good size,  tasty and juicy... But I was still Hungary. So I went to a pizza vendor down the road. 
Tasty but seem to lack a tomatoes base,  it smelled good. 

Christchurch second stop

With half of the city in ruins,  I was not sure what to find,  the local McDonald's, KFC,  dominoes,  subway all surviving,   I found a little gem,  a bit far for walking so cycle there.

Chips and gravy?  A excellent combo.
100% Angus beef patties.

I had the billie  blue burger,  it did not look large,  but the fries portion were.
Not over salty like Ekim.

Greymouth 3rd stop

Well,  I'm only here for lunch,  so the nearest burger place for a quick bite.. 

DP1? $10 for beef and cheese,  includes chips. 
At that price it should be good!  I though 
No lettuce, no tomato,  a bit of sauce,  onion,  and a cold slab of cheese? Was okay(I hungry).  But I thought it was appalling,  no effort at all.  Chips were good. 

Kumara dinner

At this award winning hotel,  
There new menu is different from website,  they have the quarter pounder white bait for $22, 
I opt for the burger of course.
Actually it is quite good the burger,  the bum is toasted with garlic butter,  so like garlic bread.  Two sauces. And all beef pattie. 

Greymouth 4th stop

No burgers tonight as just arrived in greymouth at 9pm, ordered a smokey beef subway footlong  and a taxi. 

But in the morning, TranzAlpine departs at 1.45pm so had time for lunch. 

Maggies kitchen seem busy and buzzy so I tried that. Overall presentation was good for $13, much better than that Cafe DPI one. 

The pattie was, however, a little like sausage meat,  not all that bad but not like a pure Angus pattie. 

Christchurch 5th stop

Not really sure about venturing out tonight as forecast is thunder storms, it's cold but dry so why not. As I cycle into town, I can see the lightning and dark clouds,  I'm in the city so silly find shelter if it goes South. 

astro Cafe sounds interesting,  got some sort of space,  trekking or star wars theme. 

Was a bit dark,  with most lights provided by candles,  I order the recommended burger, think it's beef, bacon, eggs, cucumber? 

Pattie seems a little dry but real beef. Flame grill apparently. 

Wellington 6th and last stop? 

Now at Joes garage,  place is busy with metropolitan type people,  probably because it's a Saturday?

Having a strawberry thick shake and mushrooms burger.

Wth,  it's just mushrooms, beetroot lettuce, tomato on a nice toasted garlic bun, ? I thought they forgot the pattie,  but no, it's a vege burger,  so I ask them to stick a pattie in it,  they did nicely.
Pattie was a bit chewy,  dry however. Tasty but.


Best burger?  Think burgers and beers,  came out well,  the chip and gravy really hit the spot. 

Worst would be DPI $10 burger chip combo.

Most of these were premium price burgers,  how well would they do compare with the takeaway priced  burgers.. Stay tuned to find out. 

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