Thursday, September 25, 2014

E Bike?

The choices...
I like riding bikes, but the last time I did a mountain trail with no prior training, I almost spew my guts out. 

Time, age and work prevents me getting prepared for the Bike Trail.
I want the ride to be enjoyable, sight seeing stuff.

So I though a little help would be nice and decide to test ride some e-bikes.
A visit to Butes bikes, the guy there was great, show me the in outs and I tried a 300w 26"wheel  cruiser, It was smooth, quite, and I can feel the power but had a bit of trouble going up a short steep hill (I had my pedal gearing too high).
Then I tried the compact foldable 300W  20" one, it was sweet , the smaller wheels but same motor means more torque, and made up the steep hill effort less, (but the top speed was lower due to smaller wheel, the trade off).
I can say the bikes were nice and well made...but at over $2000, a bit pricey for me.

So the other option was to buy a kitset to install on my old existing bike.
Found a golden motor kitset for $1,300 which includes 36v 12ah battery.
This motor is version 3 of the magic pie,  at time of this blog, they just released a new version,  the magic pie vector,  a true sine wave controller.

As I browse the internet, trade me,  the seller also sell already made up ebikes with same motor and battery, these are 500w motor, upgradable to 750w (with 48V).
Cost was about same as butes bikes,  but not as nice but a 500w motor!
Choices  choices... But there no model near by to test drive, the seller was in New Plymouth.
He also advertise the bike at half price! I assume a demo model,  making this cheaper than the kit set? 

After weeks of saving and hope it does not get sold sooner, I bit the pocket and brought it.

I took the bike for a test ride, just one weekend there was a fine day in winter. People were out about on the Orewa bike trail.
I came a cross a old fella with a E-bike and stopped to have a chat with him as he was unloading..
Next minute another bunch of people with e-bikes came along and joined our chat session.

I notice all their bikes were the Pedego brand,  mine was the odd one out with it massive motor.
The Pedego has a reducing gear type hub, so is a bit smaller.

my bike with a pannier.

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