Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Planning

There is nothing like a plan coming together and its all smooth sailing, without a worry or issue to frustrate your journey like walking a mile with a pebble in a shoe.

Expectations is to expect the unexpected and check everything is in place for the inevitable.
NZ weather is a mixed bag, expect rain, hail, snow...and sunshine.

Accommodation has been booked already and months in advance, as the trip was schedule during school holidays,  a busy period.

This journey started with the Nationa wide World famous Kiwirail scenic trip, and morphed into the WestCoast bike trail as the main attraction.

The trains, ferry has been booked and the schedule is as follows.

First day. Monday check in at Auckland Britomart.

(see the link for more details,its all there)

  • Board the new Northern Explorer at 7.20 am
  • Arriving in Wellington around 6.25pm
  • Overnight in Wellington

Tuesday check in the Wellington InterIslander

  • Sail from 8.30 am
  • Arrive Picton 11.45am

  • Hop on to the Coastal Pacific at 12.30pm  
  • Arrive Christchurch 6.00pm
  • Overnight in Christchurch

Wednesday check in the TranzApine

  • Depart 8.15am
  • Arrive Greymouth 12.45pm
  • Cycle 37 Km on the WestCoast Trail to Kumara.
  • Arrive Kumara approx 5pm and stay at the Royal thearte

Thursday, continue on the West Coast Trail up to Turiwhate

  • Cycle from Kumara up to Turiwhate peak, around 25Km
  • Cycle back from Turiwhate peak to Kumara for a cuppa. 25 Km
  • Cycle from Kumara to Greymouth 37Km
  • Overnight in Greymouth.
As you can see on this day, I would expect to travel over 87km? (depending how far I want to go).
Its fairly downhill on the way back, so I could go easy on the 50km battery range on the bike.

Friday check in the TranzApine

  • Depart Greymouth 1.00 pm
  • Arrive Christchurch 6.05 pm
  • overnight in Christchurch

Saturday check in the Coastal Pacific

  • Depart Christchurch 7.00am
  • Arrive Picton 12.00pm
  • check in InterIslander, Departs 1.45pm
  • Arrive Welliington 5.00pm
  • Overnight in Wellington

Sunday check in Northern Explorer

  • depart Wellington 7.55 am
  • Arrive Auckland 6.45pm....Home.

So, as you can see, the Rail to Ferry to Rail to Rail, all sort of fit in nicely as a week long trip.

There is the option of stopping at some other stops and spend a day or so there, but then you have to consider accommodation and timings.

More to follow when I start on this journey.

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