Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 3

Missing  my chickens and kids and wife and the free coffee at work.

One tends to appreciate the simple and free things in life that we take for granted.

Slow ride in the morning with no power,  just to try out going power less,  was not too bad,  average 12kmhr,  as Christchurch is mostly flat,

Had the last night chips and gravy for breakfast.

I must say the TranzAlpine ride is spectacular,  photo will not do it justice,

It's like going to a live concert,  you can waste time trying to capture the show on video ext,  but usually they come out hopeless,  best to relax and absorb the realistic beauty of the live show.

Well here some hopeless shots...

Here is the start of the Greymouth trail 

It's mostly coarse gravel,  with a heavy bike with pannier, it feels like a could slip........ 

Well,  I did? 

You can see on my trail,  there a massive bridge, it's a road and rail bridge combined,  plus it's one way with traffic giving way at one end. 
There was no mention of this bridge,  so I follow a car going up,  the track is wooden with patches of Tarheel,  bumpy as hell,  I tried to go to a smooth section in the middle,  separated by a rail track,  I assume it was flush,  but no,  a gap big enough to catch my wheel and jam in... Came off on my right arm.. Ouch,  slight graze. 

Apparently,  they tell me there supposed to be a clip on soon,  as a few people have come off on it. 
Just talked to some other cyclist,  you suppose to go in the middle? Well theres no instructions, 

At Kumara now,  the Grand royal theatre hotel is actually quite nice. 

And not run down old spooky hotel in the middle of nowhere. 

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